Everything you need to know about Accounting AI software onboarding

Molly LaMantia

Molly LaMantia

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Implementing new AI software into your day-to-day can be challenging. From software set-up to user training to knowledge transfers, there is a lot to handle when onboarding a new AI software. Get a look into what AI onboarding is, what the onboarding process looks like and more!

November 3, 2022

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Everything you need to know about Accounting AI software onboarding

When you are considering implementing new AI software into your day-to-day business operations, it can be difficult to know where to begin. 

From software set-up to user training to knowledge transfers, there is a lot to handle when onboarding a new AI accounting software. Luckily, at, our team never leaves you to handle onboarding on your own!

In this article, we’re going to go over what AI onboarding is, what the onboarding process looks like, and much more. Let’s dive in. 

What is AI onboarding?

AI onboarding is the process of integrating your new AI system into your company. The entire onboarding/training process from start to finish (with can last anywhere from two to six weeks.

The goal of AI onboarding is to make sure that understands your historical data, vendor list, chart of accounts,  approval flows, and the system seamlessly integrates with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool. This is also a great time for your team members (who will be system users) to understand how to use the system for optimal usage. 

All in all, onboarding is an essential part of implementing a new AP automation system, and it's important that you have a clear understanding of what's involved and how long it will take.

What does the onboarding process look like? 

onboarding process graphic

Implementation Kickoff Call

The first step in the onboarding process includes the sales kickoff call. During this call, we will ask your leadership team questions like:  

  • “How many super admins are you looking to add?”
  • “How many general users will there be?”
  • “What kind of adjustments (or customizations) do we need to make to serve your needs?”
  • “What shortcuts need to be made?”

We will also showcase the system’s functionality and give time for Q&A — that way, there will be no surprises on your end later down the line. 

Historical Accounting Data Training

After the kickoff call, your new accounting AI system will go through extensive historical data training.

This is the time when your system will “learn” from your team’s past invoice processing actions to get steps closer to AP Autonomy. (On average, this training period will last about two weeks.)

At the end of the historical data training, the goal of the system is to reduce invoice processing times and learn from past mistakes — just like a human would! This way, your AP automation software is caught up to speed with high accuracy rates from the start. 

User Training

Once your system has had time to learn about your invoice processing needs, it’s now time for your users (or team members) to get a better grasp on how to use the AI system effectively. 

This training period varies based on how fast your teams are catching on. Our onboarding team is there to give you extensive guidance on how to use the system and give your team members shortcuts to help them perform their job in the system better. 

Pro Tip: Still have questions after user training? No worries! Your team can reach out via Intercom with a subject matter expert if they need help. 

Final Testing

Lastly, the final testing period is exactly as the name suggests. 

Our team will run one final system test before going “live”. That way we can mitigate any possible hiccups in the launch — before they happen. 

Why our customers choose AP Autonomy with

  • It allows users to see machine learning in action

One of our favorite functionalities of our software is that users can visually see as the system learns.

confidence score

When the system is green, that means the system is working and is on a path towards autonomy. When the system is yellow or pink, that means that it is still learning and needs your accounting team’s guidance. reading invoice
  • It gives team members more time back

By using, accountants can get more time back in their day to do other tasks like: 

Instead of having to spend hours on tedious, mundane AP tasks, the system can handle it for your accounting teams!

  • It eliminates inbox monitoring

Inbox monitoring for invoice approval routing is a manual and tedious task for many accountants. 

Instead of having to sift through emails, ensures that invoices are emailed to the right people for approval through our approval flow functionality. If your approval team misses a message, they will get reminders to make sure there are no bottlenecks in processing invoices. And they can see the full invoice, plus past invoices on their phone where they can approve an invoice on the go.

Automate & Simplify Accounting

Did you know that 91.5% of leading businesses invest in AI? It can significantly increase productivity and lower SNGA costs. Watch the AP Intelligence discussion below to see a live demo of and learn how a commercial real estate company has streamlined their AP.

With that said, automating your AP processes with AI should not be placed on the back burner. In fact, by onboarding the system into your everyday operations, data analysis has shown that: 

Still not sure if Vic is right for your company? Don’t take our word for it. Look at the numbers! Try out our ROI calculator to see how autonomous invoicing can save your company money and drive efficiency. 


There are many benefits autonomous accounting can offer your accounts payable team if you’re willing to level up your workflow with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AI and machine learning are reshaping the accounting and finance industry in ways never seen before. When approached with the right mindset, AI can be a game-changer for your firm and your clients—but selecting the AI platform that’s right for you requires great care, and the platform needs to address your most relevant business issues.

There are many options available, but how do you know which accounting tool will actually improve productivity, decision-making, and your employees’ quality of life?

Start now with the AP hyper-automation checklist and find out if you’re on track to give your employees the gift of time.

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