Autonomous Approval Flows

Never chase down approvers again. includes autonomous approval routing, saving your team valuable time and energy.

Approvals: A painful history

For many companies, along with invoice processing, a huge pain point and compliance challenge is the approval stage.

Enterprise companies process an exhausting number of invoices – sometimes in the millions per year, creating an immense amount of approval actions. Approvers process so many invoices that it’s easy to forget or miss important information – like what happened with a specific vendor’s last few invoices or price changes from month to month.

Complex approval matrices in digital spreadsheets, paper invoices, and geographically dispersed approvers further slows down the process. The consequence? Lost or delayed approvals mean late payment fees, or worse.

The solution? Autonomous Approval Flows provides a first-of-its-kind Approval Flows feature that kicks the agony of inefficient approval processes to the curb. employs unique AI technology to process and classify the incoming vendor invoice and routes them to the correct approval flow automatically. Upon reaching a high enough degree of confidence, the AI can complete approval steps on behalf of the users – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No more stress to meet a payment due date because you’re chasing down approvers.

The pairing of’s Autopilot feature and Autonomous Approval Flows provides the foundation for truly autonomous accounting.

Ready to go autonomous?