We help accounting teams save time and money!

Defeat wasted time and wasteful spend. Our artificial intelligence gives you valuable time back, reduces errors and fraud, and turns your team into AI powered over-performers in no time.

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A platform for happy finance and accounting teams, trusted by thousands of companies.

We understand what it takes

From working closely with accounting teams the past 10 years we understand the time-waste associated with transaction processing and the potential risk associated with human errors and oversights.

Accounting Autonomy

Accounts Payable and Credit Card reconciliations delivered with Artificial Intelligence. If your team is "semi-automated" today, take the next step to full-blown autonomy. Let us show you how.

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Real-time Insights

By normalizing and analyzing your costs with artificial intelligence and statistical analysis, we can provide you real-time insights, benchmark data, and suggest cost optimization strategies.

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Open APIs

Ingest master data and supplemental information from any ERP system via our open API and common data model. Integrate Vic.ai into your workflow, or trust one of our Premium Implementation Partners to help.

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AI Data Predictions

5 years of meticulous engineering efforts by some of the leading AI engineers in the world (check out our team page). One financial skill at a time, Vic.ai is here to empower your finance team and guide you through the AI journey.

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How does it translate to ROI?

Significant reduction in time spent, less errors, no duplicates, effective approvals, seamless integrations. It adds up.


AI Accuracy


Invoices Processed


hours saved

$69,120,000 in savings realized to date

It's 2021. You should be using the best possible AI technology.

What is Autonomous Accounting?

Accounting work is tedious and repetetive, but it no longer need to be. Vic.ai's Artificial Intelligence performs cost-side accounting autonomously by learning from your data and your accounting team, and then gradually taking over the wheel.

What is Spend Intelligence?

Understanding your spending in real-time is a competitive advantage that allows for better decision-making. Do you have visibility into where every purchasing dollars are being spent? How does your company stack up against your peers?

Creating Competitive Advantage with Data Insights

Data analytics can help by allowing organizations to deploy resources intelligently. Big data provides insights into the granular operations of a company that are easily missed with other means.

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Reinvent your Accounts Payable operation

Hiring our AI into your finance team improves processing time, cuts hours spent on repetitive work and lays the groundwork for more intelligent spend.

Processing more than 5,000 invoices/month?
Invoices with and without PO?
Semi-automated process and no AI?
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Keep track of all your credit card spend

Vic.ai connects to your credit card feeds to ingest and analyze, classify and post your monthly transactions to your ERP system, reducing manual time spent by the finance team. Reconciliation of accounts in minutes, not days

Real-time spend insights from your all corporate cards
Cost-optimization strategies helping you spend less
Cut FTEs and monthly closing time
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Get started in 3 simple steps

Getting started with purpose built artificial intelligence for accounting isn't complex. Our platform is turn-key and has been implemented in hundreds of unique environments. Three simple steps will get you there...

What our customers say

Fredrik Wiktor
Application Management Lead, HSB

"We are on track to save more than 25,000 hours per year by automating away manual invoice processing once Vic.ai is implemented in all our regions. This is an incredible amount of time that our staff can then reallocate to important areas in the business, such as corporate strategy, real estate needs, and capital investments. AI will change the lives of our employees and how our business works"

Dan Luthi
Chief Operating Officer, Ignitespot

“The team at Vic.ai is taking AI to another level. They have grasped the importance of removing some of the tedious tasks, such as AP coding, and have leveraged technology to remove human error. This allows us to spend the time savings working on more value-added service for our clients.”

Mairtini Ni Dhomhnaill
Founder, Countsy

“I firmly believe that using AI to help augment and automate the accounting work is crucial to stay competitive over the next three to five years. We are growing. The idea that we can take on more clients while ensuring accuracy and results in our work product with our existing workforce is very appealing to us.“