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Our way of working

We exist to help finance and accounting teams reimagine how they work. So, our way of working is to simply and always put our customers’ success first. We collaborate closely with our customers and the broader community to deliver solutions guided by compounding continuous and explainable innovation.

We believe that both our product and teams should work autonomously, with highly talented cross-functional teams pursuing the unknown in an agile and vision-driven manner.

Our community

We are a global company, and our team reflects that. Acceptance and inclusion for everyone are at the heart of our company. We strive for diversity of thought, culture, and background, connecting the entire Vic.ai community.

As an equal opportunity employer, we represent different nationalities, races, genders, ages, sexual orientations, and backgrounds, and we believe it’s crucial to our success. At Vic.ai, we value humility, encourage authenticity, and give space for you to be and grow.

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Core values

Vic.ai is on a mission to help companies thrive and grow while supporting their commitment to resilience, sustainability and social responsibility. By harnessing the transformative power of AI to take over mundane tasks, we free up finance teams to focus on the most meaningful aspects of their work. We draw our confidence from the fact that every member of the Vic team is here based on more than just experience and expertise, but because we share the passionate conviction that we’re creating tools with the power to make the world around us a better place. It’s not about us as individuals, but about the mission.
People first

People first

We value and care deeply about our customers, partners, and employees. By being a customer-centric people-first company, we start with the needs of the people we touch with our business and work our way to exceptional outcomes from there.  

Integrity is fundamental

Integrity is fundamental

We lead by example with integrity, treating those around us with respect and sincerity. We earn the trust of our colleagues and stakeholders and choose the responsible outcome that will do better for the world.

honesty is magic

honesty is magic

We strive to constantly improve ourselves and our business and know that honesty is the critical ingredient required. We proactively encourage and value honest opinions, whether with our manager, peer, direct report, or external parties.

action over motion

action over motion

We’re not here to be mediocre, and we don’t get stuck in motion. We take action and deliver results. We thrive on creating value and achieving greatness. 

enjoy the journey

enjoy the journey

We know that life is short and time goes by fast. We enjoy the journey, the impact each of us makes, and every challenge that comes with growing a business at pace.

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