Turn your Accounts Payable department into a profit center. Save time, get rebates, and reduce the risk of fraud with Payments from


Get up and running quickly with immediate access to millions of vendors


Vendor network


Faster payment processing


Take the next step towards autonomous finance with Payments from Optimize your entire AP workflow with the platform, leveraging AI for more accurate and efficient invoice processing and payments.

  • Maximize your team’s time with a streamlined experience

    Single vendor for end-to-end invoice processing no matter how you want to pay - check, ACH, virtual card, and international.

  • Make money with control over your cash flow

    Get money back via rebates when paying with virtual cards. Pay early and get vendor discounts. Make partial payments and earn more interest. Pay on your terms.

  • Protect your company from fraud

    Mitigate the risk of check fraud by using ACH or virtual cards. Let handle all payment types and manage vendor outreach on your behalf.

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Our core is in recognizing and nurturing potential. In our quest for progress and in championing resilient founders, our collaboration with stands out. Their dedication to efficient and precise invoice processing mirrors our own commitment to excellence. We are excited to further streamline our operations with the introduction of Payments.

Bjarne Abrahamsen, Chief Financial Officer


PAY ON YOUR OWN TERMS WITH PAYMENTS FROM VIC.AI Payments is an AP solution that is fully integrated with the rest of the platform.
Review, approve, & make payments with a single provider.

Monetize and digitize your payments

Earn cash rebates on your vendor payments using virtual cards. Make payments by check, ACH, or virtual card from one single payment file.

Manage vendor relationships

Handle onboarding and payment optimizations on your behalf based on vendor preferences and industry best practices.

Integrate with all major ERPs

Reduce IT workload and save time.

Give your team complete control

Manage the entire invoicing process with high accuracy and speed with a single AI-powered platform.