VAR & RESELLER PARTNERS enables its value-added resellers (VARs) to increase their growth potential through our AI-fueled autonomous accounts payable (AP) platform that is sparking a digital transformation surge in accounting and finance.

VARs can expand their accounting solution offerings to attract more customers. They receive access to resources, wholesale pricing, and their own instance of the AP processing system to support their accounting operation and growth strategy. also provides state-of-the-art technology integration and support for your clients, helping them transform the most manual and error-prone process in accounting – and setting them on a path to reinvent accounting and finance across the board. Below you can see an example of one of our VARs.

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About COgnizant

Cognizant is a global consulting company that provides IT consulting and business process outsourcing services for industries including banking, health care, manufacturing, media, and entertainment. Cognizant offers intelligent software plugged into the internet of things, fueled by AI and running natively on the cloud, to help modern businesses stay one step ahead of a fast-changing world.

The partnership

Cognizant is a key re-seller of’s solution within our enterprise target market. Cognizant manages the customer relationship as well as the implementation and workflow design.

About C2FO

C2FO is the world’s largest platform for working capital. They serve over 1 million businesses representing $10.5 trillion in annual sales across more than 160 countries. Their online platform connects more than $110 billion of daily accounts payable and accounts receivable. Whether you need working capital or have excess working capital, Name Your Rate®, and the C2FO platform will match your request in seconds. You can accelerate AP or AR on demand, providing you, your customers and your suppliers greater control over cash flow. You can also utilize AR financing and other data-driven funding options.

C2FO is working capital, working for everyone. Their mission is to deliver a future where every company in the world has the capital needed to thrive. To learn more, visit

The partnership

Through this partnership, C2FO and will provide their enterprise customers with a flexible AI-driven invoice acceleration solution that helps increase gross margins, further reduces the payment cycle for their supply chains, and improves the ROI for accounting and finance teams.


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Partnering with industry leaders like who offer best-in-class technology is a key part of our approach.’s deep knowledge, great people, and differentiated product bring strategic value to our customers.

Allison Baker, SVP, Head of Partnerships

We value’s commitment to RMS as a partner and to our clients as a provider. They are always available to troubleshoot or schedule a demo. It’s been a win-win for RSM, and we look forward to sharing those wins with our valued clients.

Sonya King, Director of Management Consulting

The world-leading AI-solution and competent people in are completely unique and I appreciate our unique partnership. At, we have signed contracts for between 350 and 400 million in contract value in 2021. We have signed contracts with large accounting firms like BDO, PWC, Aider, Value, Athene, Vekstra and large customers in the enterprise sector such as Nordic Choice Hotels who is in 4 different countries. Tomorrow is coming - prepare today.

Gro Merethe Johnsrud, Co-founder and CEO

Benefits of partnering with

Do you want to join forces and digitally transform accounting and finance processes to improve productivity, decision-making and ROI? This is what we offer all our partners and their clients.

Access state-of-the-art technology

Proprietary AI technology that handles any type of invoice and is not limited to rules or templates. After half a decade of development and training on more than half a billion invoices, changes how accounting is performed and reaches up to 99% AI accuracy.

Improve productivity and optimize resources

Stop wasting time with outdated accounting automation technology. Reinvent AP operations with no-touch autonomous invoice processing. Your clients will experience instant improvement in speed and scalability from significantly reducing manual errors.

Exceed growth and bottom-line goals

Dramatically change how your clients execute their accounting while adding an extra recurring revenue stream. Our pricing model improves your margins and expands your client base so you can reinvest in growth.

Enhance financial agility with predictive analysis

Provide clients with customizable insight dashboards with key performance indicators. By deriving valuable information from financial transactions in real-time, finance leaders can make better decisions faster and create competitive advantage.

Multiply your resources

Access’s marketing, sales, and customer support to give you an advantage in a competitive market. helps you deliver more value to your clients efficiently and provide world-class service. Accelerate digital transformation.

Integrate seamlessly with existing technology integrates with best-in-class accounting software and ERPs including, QuickBooks Online, Sage Intacct, and more, so it already works with your clients’ tech stack. Intuitively enhance your service offering without interrupting your already proven methods.

How we support our partners

Your success is our success. This is what you can expect from partnering with

  • A dedicated partner team from day one. Our cross-functional team works closely with you and is always just one email or call away.
  • Access to exclusive resources and training material to hit the ground running.
  • Collaboration with our success team to ensure your clients adopt and use the system to its fullest potential. Your feedback and input can be the starting point for future features and improvements.


Reimagine accounting and finance with