Under pressure: How AP Managers can take control in these challenging times

Jessica Sadow

Jessica Sadow

Director of Product Marketing

Take a deep dive with IDC into the challenges facing AP Managers today. Learn how autonomous AP can not only help them overcome these obstacles but thrive.

July 18, 2023

2 min read

Under pressure: How AP Managers can take control in these challenging times

In today's business landscape, AP managers are facing unprecedented challenges. Economic forecasts indicate ongoing uncertainty due to supply chain issues, inflation, interest rate hikes, and other obstacles. CFOs and controllers must navigate this uncertainty while adapting to fundamental changes in the structure of their roles. Talent shortages among accounting staff add further pressure, making talent acquisition and retention vital for financial management. Amidst this "new normal," the accounts payable process bears the brunt of the impact as businesses struggle to balance timely vendor payments with the need to maintain or boost cash flow and reserves. 

IDC's report, "AP Technology: Harnessing the Power and Promise of Autonomous AP" takes a deep dive into these challenges, exploring how AP managers can not only overcome them but also gain a competitive edge AP management, businesses can streamline invoice processing, ensure timely vendor payments, strengthen financial management overall, and thrive in this demanding business environment.

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