Save More with Payments: Introducing early payment discounts and zero US transaction fees

Jessica Sadow

Jessica Sadow

Director of Product Marketing

Pay less when making B2B payments with Our AI detects and surfaces every early payment discount. Plus, we charge $0 on US transaction fees.

February 29, 2024

3 min read

Save More with Payments: Introducing early payment discounts and zero US transaction fees

We are excited to announce Payments now provides more ways for customers to save with the introduction of early payment discounts and zero US transaction fees. 

Using our proprietary AI, we proactively detect and surface every early payment discount opportunity. Customers then have the ability to pay and take advantage of these discounts, all from within the platform.

We know payments cause major headaches to our customers — they can be time-consuming, require significant manual effort, and are vulnerable to fraud. Which translates to increased costs in labor, processing, and risk of delayed payments for your business. 

More control over your cash flow

Unlike automation software which requires you to build custom rules, our proprietary AI identifies and surfaces every early payment discount opportunity so you can maximize your ability to save money.

We built this feature with our customers in mind — while using invoice processing means you can process invoices faster and pay bills on time, the addition of surfacing early payment discounts combined with the ability to pay in a single interface takes payment processing a step further. Now, you aren’t just avoiding late fees, but also taking advantage of discounts to pay less when it makes the most sense for your business. 

Early payment discounts can be used strategically to optimize cash flow and improve your bottom line, and with easy access to see and manage these discounts in the platform, you have more control over your working capital on a day-to-day basis.

How early payment discounts with work’s ability to process invoices in 80% less time at high accuracy rates means invoices can be ingested, coded, and approved in time to take advantage of early payment discounts.’s unique approach is driven by our AI's ability to extract discount information from invoices, so our customers can not only see where they can save money but also act on those opportunities.

First, Vic Payments' AI automatically detects bills eligible for early payment discounts. The system then displays the discount period and cost deductions to all users: invoice processor, invoice approver, payment initiator, and payment approver. This lets AP team members prioritize their work and approval flows so they can capitalize on available discounts efficiently.

Payment approvers can see how well they are tracking against all discount opportunities with a status bar in the Payments dashboard. This allows them to monitor in real-time the savings they gain by using the platform for payments.

No transaction fees on US payments

In addition to speeding up your invoice processing and surfacing available early payment discounts, we are also making transactions healthier for your bottom line by removing transaction fees when paying within the US - whether by check, card, or ACH. 

At the end of the day, we measure our success on how much ROI we can deliver to our customers. We believe that payment processing should not only be simple in functionality but also in cost to the business. By removing transaction fees, our customers can keep the cost of their payment transactions to just that, the payments.

Even more features and functionality in Payments

In addition to surfacing early payment discounts and eliminating transaction fees on US payments, we have made several other enhancements to Payments to improve the payor and payment approver experiences for managing and tracking payments.

When creating a payment batch, payors can now proactively schedule those payments in advance, making it easier to take advantage of early payment discounts and payment due dates.

After a batch is scheduled, payment approvers can select from two different ways to be notified about payment batches:

  1. Email notifications each time a batch is ready for approval. The notification includes batch name, payment due date, payment scheduled date, amount, who submitted it, and any comments.
  2. Email with a daily summary of outstanding invoice and payment batch approvals. If inbox control is a higher priority, this option provides approvers with a consolidated view of all pending items across invoices and payments.

These updates help payment approvers assess approval urgency and optimize their time accordingly.

And after payment, we now provide customers with the ability to view bill pay history so they can easily track transaction statuses and view confirmations of payments, including PDF copies of check, ACH, and card information. With the new payment audit log, customers can view the payment postings record for easy tracking. 

Since some bills may need to be paid outside of Payments, we’ve always had an option to manually mark bills as paid. Since our initial launch, we’ve added new functionality that allows the user to:

  1. Provide more details: Add a date and comments when marking a bill as paid, such as the reason for paying outside of Payments.  
  2. Do more at once: Bulk mark bills as paid by creating a filter and check mak the ones that have been paid. For example, this is useful in instances where a vendor does an automatic deduction from a bank account.

These bill payment releases simplify our customers’ ability to track payments made on and off the platform so they have a single view of their invoice transactions. 

Once bills are paid, that information is posted in our customer’s ERP. To make that process easier, we’ve released a Payments public API for easy integration with any ERP.

Last but not least, payments from the US sent abroad can now be sent using local currency — improving your vendors’ experiences and relationships. Paying in your vendor's local currency can lead to quicker payments and simplify their account reconciliation process.

Why Payments?

Antler, a champion of innovators around the world, is eager to incorporate these enhancements into their AP workflows. 

"At Antler, we are focused on helping founders build companies that are efficient and set up for sustainable growth,” said Bjarne Abrahamsen, CFO of Antler. “Our strong partnership with is based on these shared values, supported by’s focus on using AI to empower AP teams like never before. We are excited to drive more efficient cash flow and team productivity as a result of these new innovations to Payments."

These types of customer experiences with Payments highlights the reasons we continue to invest in payment functionality — eliminating payment silos, maximizing profits, protecting our customers from fraud, and improving their vendor relationships, which all lead to saving time and money so you can focus on strategic priorities instead of chasing checks. B2B payments guide


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