Tech(e)valuation Podcast: Co-Founder & CEO Alexander Hagerup

Katherine Parker

Katherine Parker

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Listen to CEO and Co-founder of, Alexander Hagerup, on Forbes Books Tech (e)Valuation podcast, in conversation with Fortified CEO, Ben Debow, as he shares his entrepreneurial journey and how he's created the world's first autonomous accounting and financial intelligence platform.

March 23, 2023

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Tech(e)valuation Podcast: Co-Founder & CEO Alexander Hagerup

In part one of this compelling conversation, Hagerup gives detailed insight into how he has built and sold two tech companies by the age of 30. He divulges his lessons learned from his previous entrepreneurial ventures that led to the creation of, a one of a kind AP solution powered by AI. Learn the highs and lows of building a successful tech company, how innovation and adaptability is paramount, and the undoubtable potential of AI.

In the concluding episode, Debow and Hagerup take a deeper dive into AI and data, discussing how combining the two powerful tools can create magic. Hear Hagerup share his perspective on finding and retaining skilled employees in the AI, ML, and data analytics industry, and the roadblocks he has overcome in order to build and maintain a successful company. Tune in to hear their perspective on the future of finance as they discuss’s transformative AP capabilities and its potential to transform the financial industry.



Alexander Hagerup, CEO at, is a serial tech entrepreneur with a strong passion for artificial intelligence. His company focuses on streamlining the accounts payable process, using AI technology to automate invoice processing. Prior to launching, he founded two other technology companies; his last one was funded by Northzone Ventures and later acquired by NASDAQ-listed J2 Global Inc., in 2014. He has a finance and accounting background and is a former board member of, the largest cloud accounting & ERP system in the Nordic region.


Tech (e)Valuations host Ben Debow is the founder and CEO of Fortified, a workload information solution and database managed service provider. Debow created Fortified in order to provide clients with innovative ways to discover the value of their data and scale their data systems to meet their business goals and objectives. As an experienced consultant and active member of the tech industry, he aspires to educate and provide insight on data to help clients meet their business goals. 

Listen to part one & part two!

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