PODCAST: Making Accounting Better With AI: An Interview With CEO

Molly LaMantia

Molly LaMantia

Marketing Manager

Listen to Alex Hagerup, CEO of, on The AI with Maribel Lopez Podcast share the difference between using AI for automation versus autonomy in accounting.

July 12, 2022

3 min read

PODCAST: Making Accounting Better With AI: An Interview With CEO

Alexander Hagerup, CEO at, is a serial tech entrepreneur with a strong passion for artificial intelligence. His company focuses on streamlining the accounts payable process, using AI technology to automate invoice processing. Prior to launching, he founded two other technology companies; his last one was funded by Northzone Ventures and later acquired by NASDAQ-listed J2 Global Inc., in 2014. He has a finance and accounting background and is a former board member of, the largest cloud accounting & ERP system in the Nordic region.

Hagerup joined Industry Analyst, Author, and Technology Influencer Maribel Lopez to discuss the ways AI can better improve accounting functions. Maribel is the founder of a market research and consulting firm, Lopez Research, as well as the co-founder the Emerging Technology Research Council, which is a community of business leaders in Fortune 1000 companies focused on driving innovation and value through leveraging emerging technologies. Prior to founding Lopez Research, Maribel gained her expertise by working at Motorola, International Data Corp., Shiva Corporation and Forrester Research.

Hear Hagerup discuss the current state of accounting, the importance of autonomy versus automation, and share crucial insight on how to save time and costs on manual tasks using AI.

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