PODCAST: How to reduce your business costs with AI

Molly LaMantia

Molly LaMantia

Marketing Manager

Learn how Alexander Hagerup, Co-founder & CEO of is solving the problem of using AI to take costs out of your business.

July 12, 2022

3 min read

PODCAST: How to reduce your business costs with AI

Alexander Hagerup, Co-Founder & CEO at, is reducing business cost by leveraging artificial intelligence that helps finance and accounting professionals by providing them with autonomous solutions. Before creating, he founded two other technology companies, revealing his passion for entrepreneurship. His company focuses on utilizing artificial intelligence to streamline finance and accounting processes in order to reduce costs, save time, eliminate manual tasks, and allow business to focus on strategies for growth.

Hagerup joined Gartner Senior Executive Partner and host of ClickAI Radio, Grant Larsen to discuss solutions to reduce costs and drive growth in your business. Larsen has extensive technology experience from hands-on director & engineer to product visionary and strategic planner to customer-facing roles. This includes industries such as financial services and systems engineering. Excellent track record of innovation, leadership and team building including developing industry standards and patents. He created ClickAI Radio in 2020 to document his journey through navigating emerging technologies such as AI, and identify those things that will benefit your business. His podcast is where you'll learn the secrets for transforming your business leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

Gain valuable and actionable insights to leveraging AI in order to transform your AP workflow as well as your business.

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