Podcast: Autonomous AI Drives Efficiency in Finance and Accounting

Molly LaMantia

Molly LaMantia

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Listen to Alex Hagerup, CEO of on the Leaders of B2B podcast where he explains the epiphany he had that catapulted the vison behind autonomous accounting.

April 18, 2022

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Podcast: Autonomous AI Drives Efficiency in Finance and Accounting

Alexander Hagerup, Co-Founder & CEO at, is using artificial intelligence to enhance a function that every business uses. His company’s platform helps finance and accounting professionals by providing them with autonomous help.

Hagerup had his epiphany when he saw several common trends in accounting. Anywhere in the world, no matter what accounting system is used, it’s governed by rules or templates and humans. With the industry revolving around these rules, it was ripe for applying machine learning.

Hagerup took this a step further. He believes that software shouldn’t be designed for humans to work on. Instead, he believes that software should work for humans. Software should automatically work on set rules and templates. This approach can be replicated in any industry as a standard in building AI systems.

Hagerup loves the challenge of innovation. He thinks that making things that don’t exist is way harder than improving things. He advises innovators to balance and focus on operational aspects. A company has to operate on strong foundations to allow forward-thinking product creation. He adds that transformation isn’t just about a change in UI/UX; it’s about delivering a new approach and educating people to adopt it.

Startup founders, innovators, and AI geeks will love the nuggets of experience and expertise Hagerup shares on the show.


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