Process insights to help you thrive’s intelligence dashboards – featuring real-time processing analytics – facilitate unmatched process mining, so you can improve ROI and harness full control of your financial operations.

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OPTIMIZe Your processes

Process mining captures and analyzes your daily business processes – how they transpire, where they deviate, and how they can be optimized. Our powerful visualizations provide the insights you need to understand and improve existing processes.

Analyze and report with accuracy

Full automation %, Vendor analysis, Average Processing Time, you name it. Our reports show you the most accurate and up-to-date picture of your business.

Track user analytics with ease

Whether you’re a team of 5 or 500, speed matters. Our customers see an average 80% drop in invoice processing time and a significant reduction in the number of invoices requiring any human touch at all.

Drill down by parameter

What’s your spend per vendor, entity or location? How do your invoices flow through processing and approval workflows? Intelligence dashboards help you pinpoint precisely what you need to know and act on.

what our customers say

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Automating the ingestion and coding of invoices has proved to be a huge time-saver as we continue to increase the number of invoices that don't need a human touch. The manual nature of invoice processing has always been a challenge in our industry, but it is finally being addressed by
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Mairtini Ni Dhomhnaill, Founder

The AP team loves it! It really helps them to become reviewers instead of processors (of data entry).
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Margareta Marro, Director of Accounting Operations

Higher Ground Education
We are on track to save more than 25,000 hours per year by automating away manual invoice processing once is implemented in all our regions. AI is changing the lives of our employees and how our business works.
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Fredrik Wiktor, Application Management Lead

HSB Real Estate

We understand your reporting requirements

Configurable, customizable, shareable, permission-able.

real-time analytics

Want to close faster? What gets measured gets improved. See your accounting team’s performance and effectiveness in real-time.

Custom dashboards

Go ahead and show off. Share your work across your organization through our dashboards – fully customizable with any metrics you choose.

automated reports

Activate automated standard AP reports sent via e-mail or posted to Slack or Teams, to keep stakeholders informed about critical KPIs.

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