Boost accuracy and speed using’s Autonomous PO Matching. Analyze all document types, instantly identify discrepancies across multi-line invoices and POs, and streamline approvals.

Improve your bottom line, starting 
with your finance department

Streamline and accelerate the traditional purchase order process with AI.


To match and process 
PO-derived invoices


Productivity in
the AP department


Invoices used in model training

Simplify PO matching and 
processing with AI

PO matching is the process of matching the information on the invoice with the purchase order and goods receipt note, to verify that it is correct and confirm the purchase was received before initiating approval and payment.

Even with automation, PO Matching is a tedious process.’s highly accurate AI model, trained on half a billion invoices, handles the complexity so you can intelligently scale your team.

  • Improve accuracy

    With, PO invoices can now be autonomously matched to their associated POs using 2-way and 3-way matching, removing the need to manually identify and compare line by line.

  • Increase match rates and identify issues quickly

    Unlike existing rules-based automation tools,’s proprietary AI solution matches line items on invoices to POs across multiple fields of data. This enables the AP team to pinpoint the exact cause of mismatch and resolve discrepancies promptly.

  • Save time with a platform that learns as you do’s PO matching AI model learns from your historic data, removing the need for templates and manual updates each time a vendor changes an invoice or a new vendor is onboarded.

Innovation is core to our ethos at Milwaukee Tool, from the products we build to the way our internal teams operate. We constantly look for ways to improve our operations and we see AI as a path to a more robust finance organization. We are excited to push the envelope on autonomous PO matching in partnership with It presents us with a great opportunity to incorporate AI into our business and augment our decision making.

Conor Clair, Senior Finance Manager of Accounting

Milwaukee Tool

AI gives you speed and accuracy no matter the number of line items or document type’s Autonomous PO Matching processes your PO-derived invoices faster and more accurately than conventional automated solutions. Our proprietary AI gives you:

World-Class data extraction

Get superior invoice interpretation with’s algorithms and computer vision.

Matching excellence

Increase match rates due to exceptional invoice data interpretation.


Select tolerance settings that align with your preferences.


Simplify mismatch resolution with automatic flagging of line items outside of tolerance for further approval.

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