AUTONOMOUSPO MATCHING’s PO matching supports AP teams in vetting invoices before submitting payments. Our next-gen PO matching takes companies even closer towards truly autonomous accounting.

What is PO matching?

PO matching is the process of matching the information on the invoice with the purchase order and goods receipt note, to verify that it is correct and confirm the purchase was received before initiating approval and payment.

What makes PO matching different?’s next-generation AI algorithms facilitate accurate comparison of necessary accounts payable documents and perform exception handling, so your AP staff doesn’t have to.

World-Class data extraction

Superior invoice interpretation with’s algorithms and proprietary computer vision.

Matching excellence

Higher matching rates due to exceptional invoice data interpretation.

ai exception handling

At a mismatch, the AI automatically figures out the best workflow based on the situation, and carries out the exception handling, so AP teams don’t have to.

  • EFFICIENCY & Accuracy are maximized

    Thousands of line items no longer have to be matched manually between three different documents. Improve match rates and data resolution with fewer errors.


    Matching detailed inventory line items and costs is a tedious and error-prone task. Accurate and reliable PO matching AI enables accounts payable teams to instantly determine if an invoice matches the goods and services received, eliminating the risk of overpaying and under-delivery.

  • PROFITS INCREASE's PO matching helps you avoid unnecessary expenses and gain dependability in supply and payments – directly impacting your bottom line.


    In the case of inaccurate amounts of goods received, disputing an invoice, or incorrect payment, verified records are vital for tracking payments. The system stores the documents for each purchase and is easily accessible in time for auditing.

APO can help you enable fully touchless invoice processing – resulting in higher accuracy, dramatic time and cost savings, and renewed resources for higher-level financial decision making.

Ready to go autonomous?