Autonomous Invoice Processing

Take the next step towards autonomous finance with, a transformative leap from legacy OCR, template, and rules-based automation methods. Our Autonomous Invoice Processing platform utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to seamlessly manage your Accounts Payable workflow, eliminating the need for endless, repetitive tasks.


Ingest invoices from electronic file formats, EDIs, e-mail, PDFs, direct connections, etc. One entry point for all entities. Invoice data is extracted from PDFs and image files using proprietary computer vision, then understood and coded by AI with no templates involved.


Invoice data is reviewed by the AI - all relevant invoice information, including vendor, dates, numbers, GL coding, tax handling, freight handling, dimensions, assets or which POs to 2, 3, or 4-way match against, are predicted by AI and either presented to your AP team or fully automated.


Invoices are routed into the correct approval flow automatically or sends invoices straight to payment if Autopilot's confidence level is met. Consolidate all vendor payments into a single, automated workflow for all payment types, including virtual cards. Save time, get early payment discounts, and reduce the risk of fraud.

compatibilE with any ERP

Integrate with all major ERPs. is designed to work across multiple systems. If you have one or several ERPs across multiple entities, the integration can be set up using our API or flat-file support. Let’s streamline the AP process.


Customizable business insight dashboards including performance data based on user, region, AI accuracy, invoice processing time, and more.

World-class AI, best-in-class ROI

Our customers spend less time, have fewer errors, see more effective approvals, and benefit from seamless ERP integrations. It adds up.
Faster invoice processing
No-touch rate by month 6
Payback period on
The first autonomous platform
for accounting workflows
The first to deliver AI for
end-to-end invoice processing

“We are on track to save more than 25,000 hours per year by automating away manual invoice processing once is implemented in all our regions. AI is changing the lives of our employees and how our business works.”

Fredrick Wiktor, Application Management Lead

HSB Real Estate

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