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Autonomous Invoice Processing uses AI to uplevel the Accounts Payable process, replacing legacy template and rules-based methods. Bonus? Happier team members, who don’t have to perform endless repetitive tasks.

Ingestion into

Ingest, or allow vendors to ingest invoices into from a variety of sources. We support electronic file formats and EDIs, e-mail, PDFs, direct connections and more. One entry point for all entities or separate entry points per entity – you choose.

World-class data extraction

Every invoice is analyzed by our AI. PDFs and image files are automatically extracted, understood and coded with no templates involved. uses proprietary computer vision technology to make sense of invoices – no humans required.

Hands-free classification

Invoice data is reviewed by the AI - all relevant invoice information, including vendor, dates, numbers, cost accounts, dimensions, assets or which POs to match against, are predicted and either presented to your accountant or fully automated.

Less manual process, more autonomous processing

  • Save hours with high coding accuracy

    Code your way. Our generative AI model doesn’t just copy and paste the invoice data, it learns and replicates how your team codes invoices regardless of ingested format.

  • Speed up processing times and avoid end of month bottlenecks

    Process invoices 80% faster and get ahead of the ebbs and flows of the busiest times of year. Plus, changes to invoice formats or introducing new vendors won’t slow you down – our AI learns on-the-fly without need for templates.

  • Elevate your team’s scope

    Get time back to focus on strategic tasks. Our AI predicts the processing accuracy of your invoices so you can determine when to turn on Autopilot, for hands-free invoice processing.

Intelligently scale your team with Autonomous Invoice Processing

Large enterprises spend millions of dollars on invoice processing. Some companies rely solely on AP professionals to key the correct information into their ERP system. Others are at different stages of digitization, using rules-based automation that is complicated, expensive to deploy, and breaks easily if an invoice doesn’t fit into the rigid ruleset.

Trained on a billion invoices,’s proprietary AI learns from a company’s data and team to achieve complete autonomous invoice processing. Autonomous Invoice Processing with Autopilot completely replaces both rules and template-based workflows and eliminates unnecessary manual AP tasks.

A closer look

AutoPilot provides autonomous invoice processing, replacing legacy OCR and rules-based methods. It’s a game-changer.’s AI runs the accounts payable process from beginning to end, mimicking human decision-making. Invoices get automatically ingested, classified, and sent to approvers without requiring any data entry or classification review beforehand.

The longer clients use, the more autonomy they get. The platform operates at 97-99% AI accuracy, surpassing human-level accuracy, and clients see up to 355% improved invoice processing capacity per full-time employee.

The result? Finance departments process invoices faster than ever, freeing up time for more critical functions. With, CFOs can optimize headcount, increase security, and reduce costly errors, driving dramatic profit margin improvements.

“We are on track to save more than 25,000 hours per year by automating away manual invoice processing once is implemented in all our regions. AI is changing the lives of our employees and how our business works.”

Fredrick Wiktor, Application Management Lead

HSB Real Estate

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