Augment your financial department with our AI platform.

No need to rip and replace; our platform layers on top of your existing software stack. As with the impetus of self-driving cars, AI might seem a bit scary right now, but the progress being made is real and the impact will be significant. Lagging behind can be costly, and getting started only takes a couple of days. Your organization can significantly increase speed and accuracy while reducing costs in as little as a month.


Autonomous Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is an important finance function, and automates this process with AI all the way from receiving invoices, analyzing, interpreting, coding cost accounts and dimensions to approval and electronic payments.


Our platform routes approval to the correct person and monitors the approval process, while silently learning over time what your business approves and rejects. We use this learning at first to warn about potential invoices to reject, prompting a closer look by the approver - and secondly upon significant accuracy, to act as an AI approver on your behalf.

Electronic Payment

Still cutting checks? Still doing manual pay runs? handles vendor onboarding and electronic payments for you. We keep you and the vendor in the loop every step along the way. We handle all the complexity involved with payment processing: PCI compliance, AML Laws, MTL Rules, Fraud Monitoring, Bank KYC Underwriting requirements, 1099K's - so you can go to sleep at night knowing your money is safe.

Cash Flow Management

Navigating cash flow can sometimes be tough for fast growing mid-sized enterprises. will learn the difference between vendors you must pay on time, and costs you can postpone while monitoring your cash balance.

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