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Spend less time processing invoices – and more time connecting with your clients

From processing invoices to data predictions, our intelligent and autonomous solution empowers you to digitally transform accounts payable today – while reimagining a new future for finance and accounting tomorrow.

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Insurance companies – WE GET YOU

Insurance companies are at the center of complex ecosystems with heavy compliance requirements in healthcare, real estate, motor vehicles and much more, resulting in equally complex invoice processing requirements. All too often, this is done in a tedious, manual approach that leads to costly errors. Let’s eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks.

We can help make your life easier with autonomous invoicing processing using AI that doesn't require any human intervention and integrates with your current system. Reduce your time spent processing invoices, eliminate payment errors, and ultimately, focus on more efficient claims processing and other priorities that will help you increase your book of business.

Typically higher invoice volumes mean more time for my AP staff to spend doing manual work to process those invoices. The great thing about Vic is as the platform learns from our data, it can process invoices much faster, even when volume increases by the thousands. This is a huge time and cost saver, drastically decreasing manual input.
- David B., Chief Innovation Officer

SAVE your accounting team time & MOney autonomous invoicing software can significantly reduce accounting costs. Calculate your ROI today.