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IMPROVE YOUR vendor management PREDICTABILITY – while reducing time processing invoices

From processing invoices to data predictions, our intelligent and autonomous solution empowers you to digitally transform accounts payable today – while reimagining a new future for finance and accounting tomorrow.

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Hospitality industry – WE GET YOU

Running a restaurant, hotel, or catering business can be unpredictable due to ever-changing travel and dining behaviors. This leads to poor spending habits such as rush orders, using unapproved vendors, ordering outside of established processes, and higher spending. The hospitality industry needs intuitive tools that digitize manual workflows and day-to-day operations.

We integrate with your existing systems and provide you with an autonomous invoicing solution using artificial intelligence to handle your invoicing and approval processing without human intervention, so you can focus on identifying and improving inventory management – and ultimately, keep your customers delighted.

The fact that we have now automated 89% of the accounting process with already provides enormous efficiency gains…after a short time we can see significant improvement all the way down to the product line level.
- Sergej Malytchev, CFO of Furset Group

SAVE your accounting team time & MOney autonomous invoicing software can significantly reduce accounting costs. Calculate your ROI today.