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Improve spend management and predictability – while reducing time processing invoices

From processing invoices to data predictions, our intelligent and autonomous solution empowers you to digitally transform accounts payable today – while reimagining a new future for finance and accounting tomorrow.

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Education faces tight budget restrictions and unpredictable purchasing needs, which can lead to poor visibility into spending, wasted money, and all-too-often budget allocation questions raised by key donors. Fundraising focused schools need a smarter way to manage vendors, process invoices, and gain greater visibility and predictability.

We can empower your finance team with autonomous invoicing using AI that doesn't require any human intervention, so you can spend less time reconciling payments to your vendors, and more time on what matters – helping your students thrive.

As a technology consultant, has provided tremendous value to my clients who rave about how easy the software is to use. has saved my clients so much time, so I will continue to recommend Vic to my current and future clients with high invoice volumes because the ROI is significant.

- David B., Chief Innovation Officer

SAVE your accounting team time & MOney autonomous invoicing software can significantly reduce accounting costs. Calculate your ROI today.