Maximize productivity with AP Automation

Make AP teams more productive by eliminating repetitive tasks in processing invoices. doesn’t require rules or templates to work. The next-gen technology learns continuously, reaching up to 99% AP automation accuracy surpassing humans.

It is rare that a product lives 100% up to its expectation, but does just that. Simply put, it works, it streamlines the AP process, dramatically improves accuracy, and saves time all across the AP process.

David B., COO | Anglin Reichmann Armstrong

Access actionable insights in real-time

Improve ROI and have full control of operations with real-time AP automation analytics. With insights into unprecedented performance metrics, finance leaders can work more predictive to achieve operational excellence. Analytics gives us the ability to enhance employee engagement to drive technology adoption. Before Vic, we had no reliable data to help us measure processing speeds. Now we can see the average processing time per invoice, broken down per employee.

Colman Edwards, Director of Technology | Countsy

AP automation for invoice approval flows

Work from anywhere and go live in 60-90 DAys integrates with the leading ERP systems and is accessed on the go via the mobile app. By training on your historical data, the AI goes beyond automation in no time and provides your team with autonomous invoice processing, PO matching, and approval flows.

I've been blown away by the customer service. You get a very quick response, and the caliber of the support staff is fantastic - you can tell that they understand the issue well.

Rachel Knapp - VP, Financial & Accounting Systems | Higher Ground

How does translate to ROI?

Less time, fewer errors, no duplicates, effective approvals, seamless integrations. It adds up.


Increase in invoice processing capacity per FTE



Less time spent on processing invoices


Shift exhausting hours of manual invoice processing to 24/7 processing by AI.

An award-winning platform revolutionizing accounting.

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